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Linked Data Fragments jQuery Widget

Try the Linked Data Fragments jQuery Widget online.

This jQuery widget is a browser-based user interface to the Linked Data Fragments client. It allows users to execute SPARQL queries over one or multiple datasets exposed through a Triple Pattern Fragments interface.

Using the code

  • Run npm install to fetch dependencies and build the browser version of the client code.
  • Place the files from this repository on a local Web server (for instance, by starting a tool such as [] in the root folder).
  • Open index.html in the browser through your Web server (typically http://localhost:3000/).
  • Edit datasources in settings.json and queries in the queries folder, and run queries-to-json to compile both of them in a single JSON file.
  • Run ./build-minified to generate a production version in the build folder.

How the browser client works

The original ldf-client library is written for the Node.js environment. The browserify library makes it compatible with browsers.

The file browser.js makes the Node.js library ldf-client available in global scope as ldf.
This script is compiled with its dependencies to deps/ldf-client-browser.js via npm run postinstall.

You can use the resulting ldf-client-browser.js in your browser applications; it is independent of the jQuery UI widget.


The Linked Data Fragments jQuery Widget is written by Ruben Verborgh.

This code is copyrighted by Multimedia Lab – iMinds – Ghent University and released under the MIT license.


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